Truth or lie or secret

She had kept so much from me. She had sort of not liked me from the starting. She thought I was a mess. I am not. I divided the class, created quarrels between her and her sis. Right now I ain’t in a situation of friendship but a series of continuous betrayal.
The road to our friendship was adventurous. We had our ups and downs but for her I was only the down.
She was not Happy then but she is Happy now. I wasn’t Happy anytime. She was my soulmate but as soon as things went her way everything changed. The line between our friendship thickened. It grew darker and darker only to result in pure dismal.
But then I found a ray of hope when I met somebody else. She was the Same, sarcastic. But the only thing that makes her better than her was that she is truthful to me.
My life has turned into events of mere oblivion. I love the sarcastic but the truthful.


People with hope..I can achieve anything

I have been trying my best to make a good youtube channel and its really paying off. Our task as a youtuber is to let people understand us and enjoy. Instead of just going after subscribers we should go after making them Happy. Because it is them that matters.
Thank you Will Candelent for broadening my approach.

Friend or foe or nothing

I had never even tried to think about my only friends separating from me. My best friend sort of betrayed me. She now doesn’t respond to anything that I say. Its like we had never even known each other. The world has grown bigger and bigger and side by side she is going away from me. When I think of all the fun that we had they just seem like a small granule that has been blown away by the wind.
My day was really boring and I had spent always all the time thinking about getting subscribers on my youtube channel. This is the only thing that keeps me alive in this hard time.


My life had come to an abrupt end when we shifted from Delhi to Odisha. that place, odisha , stinks. It’s the worst place ever. people there were nice but i realised something that the scar that my useless father had left on my life is not even going to get healed. when people think about father they think about their first love.
So i guess there is not much to say than i am really confused and tensed. i dont wanna go back.

The song of life


When things get so intense
And nobody turns out to be helping you
When life takes turns out of nowhere
When people turn back at you
When nothing goes the way you want it to go
Then comes the spark
So long lost
So long hidden
Under the shallow eyes of the maiden
The spark of protest comes
And everyone in the city hums
The song of peace
The song of acceptance
The song of life

This poem is for everyone who thinks that others life is for granted. Life can take turns. And those turns can hurt you in million different ways.
This is for those parents who drink and smoke and etc etc and just don’t give a damn about their children. Guys it’s high time that they notice that what they are doing isnot only going to harm them but also us.
We are so small and are just dependent on you guys.
We have nothing of our own. All we can do is with your help.
If you had wished to just let go of us then you should have done that before.
I hate you.
I despise the parent who does that.


Better safe than Sorry
It doesn’t work for me. This thing that they say means that we should not be taking risks so that we can stay safe. Then what is the benifit of even living in this world.
Before watching Jack Harries’ youtube videos about travels I was pretty sure of what I had wanted to become.
I wanted to become a business woman. That’s all. A business about football. But the thing that it lacked was I couldn’t really enjoy it. I wanted to travel the world. Enjoy my life. Take risks.
According to me life is all about adventures. I want to live a life where I can feel the fresh air banging against my cheeks making me laugh and enjoy.
I want to live a life where I can see everything and be not scared of anything.
I want to be like jack harries.
I want to be a part of discovery channel.
I want to have adventures and travel the whole world.
I want to live.

A youtuber

Ok so the only dream that I want to fulfill right now is being a youtuber.
I posted my video day before yesterday. You can check it out
.its 7 types of crazy annoying and unwanted brothers. It is doing pretty well but the thing is that I want to post more videos and connect with you guys.
Its not possible as my parents denied me so I thought I would wait. But the burning sensation keeps on bugging me. I am not able to do anything. What should I do?
I thought of waiting and creating videos right now based on my aspirations. Then when I grow up I will mix them up with my achievements and see if I have reached what I had thought of.
But I just cannot. There are so many things that I want to share with you guys like right now.
I don’t know what to do about it. I have been thinking about all the things that we guys could share but the fact lies the Same. I am not allowed.
I am helpless and I would like you to comment about what can be done by me..
I dream to be a great youtuber and I know I can.